Initiatives checklist
Bright Futures Joplin oversees a number of initiatives that help us achieve our mission of helping kids learn and grow well.

Some initiatives offer direct delivery of services, but in most cases, we work as connecting agents to help bring our community together around the needs of schools and students. Here are a few of the things we're working on right now.

  • Student Needs - Teachers and staff members identify a student or classroom need and reach out to Bright Futures Joplin for help meeting that need. Our donation center, called Darla's Room, can respond quickly with clothing, shoes, school supplies, and other donated items to help students get back to work as soon as possible. Community donations help support these needs.
  • Mentoring - All kids deserve to know safe adults who can offer connection, encouragement and guidance. At-risk students don't often have these consistently safe adults in their lives for a number of reasons, so Bright Futures Joplin works to recruit incredible volunteers who connect with our students through mentoring.
    • Lunch PALS (Positive Adults Lunching with Students) allows a trustworthy adult to share lunch at school with an at-risk student. Support and encouragement are provided to students who need it most, on a dependably reoccurring schedule.
  • Snack Packs - Weekend food items are shared with kids who have been identified as food insecure through a standardized assessment. Each week, volunteers meet to assemble the snack packs and deliver them to schools so students will have access to food over weekends or school breaks.
  • Bright Futures Site Councils - Each school building in the District has a Bright Futures Site Council made up of Business Partners, Faith-Based Partners, and Human Services Partners who meet regularly to help the school reach their goals. Each site council operates independently under the direction of the building Principal.