Need Requests

Note: the following forms will only be accepted from district teachers and staff.

ISN icon Immediate Student Need

Immediate Student Needs usually include items like clothing, shoes, coats, school supplies and hygiene items. These requests take precedence and will be filled within 24 hours.

OSN Icon Other Student Need 

Other Student Needs may include items like grocery vouchers, eyeglasses exams, high-school bicycles, beds, and anything else that is important, but may not be available within 24 hours. Bright Futures Joplin may request building principal or counselor approval before proceeding with Other Student Need requests.

CN Icon Classroom Need

Bright Futures Joplin has a goal of helping to fill gaps for teachers who need special help providing classroom supplies. The building principal must be involved in this process to ensure the best funding source is utilized. Requests must be used to support Joplin Schools-approved curriculum or programs. 

Because the variety of classroom needs is unpredictable and can often over-reach our organizational budget, we want to make sure we have enough supplies to help those in need. Most classroom need requests that are for items on the regular school supply list can be provided. We are often unable to provide items that are not on the regular school supply list. If you're unsure, feel free to submit the request and a Bright Futures Joplin representative will reach out for clarification or to determine whether or not they are able to fill the need at this time.

Wifi Logo

Hotspot Request

School staff may use this form to request an internet hotspot for a student in need. The district has a very limited supply of hotspots, so only the most extreme needs should be considered for approval. The following details must be provided and may impact eligibility, among other considerations:

-Principal approvals
-Status of free/reduced lunch program enrollment
-Status of Special Education enrollment and/or IEP
-Whether or not student is a virtual learner
-McKinney Vento qualifications
-Whether or not student is bussed to school
-Credit Recovery program enrollment 

Students granted the use of a district hotspot will be checked quarterly to ensure a certain level of academic performance in all classes. If an approved hotspot is no longer needed or the student moves out of district, the unit and its component parts must be returned immediately. Students who do not return the hotspot unit and/or charging cord will be charged a restocking fee of $90 and $25 respectively.  

Requests will pass through district approval measures to ensure hotspot resources are responsibly distributed. If there are further questions about a student's eligibility, the requestor will be contacted. If the request is approved, the requestor may be asked to check on the status of the student's grades or their ongoing need to verify program benefits.

*Note: Bright Futures Joplin does not provide financial backing for any Hotspot services or units. All funds and decisions are provided through district administration.