Faith-based Partner Application

Faith-based Partner Application

Thank you for your commitment to the Bright Futures initiative. This is a wonderful opportunity to make a difference in the life of a child and ultimately improve the quality of life for families in our community. Every business and faith partner has something unique to offer that will support the needs of the children we serve. We appreciate your willingness to offer your resources to partner with our schools.

Bright Futures affirms that: 

 Our goal is to match diverse business, faith-based, human service agencies and parent groups to every school in the district to provide the community support necessary for the success of every student.

 Each partner will determine its own level of participation, but should be willing to commit for the full school year.

 Every effort will be made to match a partner with the school of their choice, but this may not always be possible.

 Quarterly meetings with school personnel will be strongly encouraged.


Which representative from your organization will be attending your partner school's Site Council meetings?
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Faith Based Partnership Agreement 

"Finding Common Ground: A Guide to Religious Liberty in Public Schools" indicates that “Public schools may not inculcate nor inhibit religion. They must be places where religion and religious conviction are treated with fairness and respect. Public schools uphold the First Amendment when they protect the religious liberty rights of students of all faiths or none. Schools demonstrate fairness when they ensure that the curriculum includes study about religion, where appropriate, as an important part of a complete education.”

As such, faith-based partners of Joplin Schools’ Bright Futures program agree to the following when serving in our schools:

 Do not proselytize. To proselytize is to attempt to convert or recruit someone to your beliefs. This includes the distribution of religious literature, initiating a conversation to share about your faith, initiating prayer, or inviting students to join you at your place of worship.

 You are welcome to build relationships with students. You are here to be a safe adult who cares and invests in the life of that student. If students ask you questions about your faith or where you attend services, you are free to answer those questions as they were asked. If students have further questions or would like to learn more, they are welcome to contact you directly outside of school hours with their parents’ permission.

 If you are uncertain about where the lines are drawn, please speak directly with your school principal.

I understand the limitations of my involvement in the public schools as a faith-based partner and will comply with federal, state and local laws, policies and procedures regarding proselytizing.


As a Bright Futures Partner you agree to:

• Promote a positive educational environment.

• Respect school staff, schedules and the policies/procedures of the school and District.

• Communicate concerns and provide feedback to the Bright Futures Leadership in order to support program improvements.

• Commit your gifts of time, talent, and/or resources.

• Commit to be a Bright Futures Partner for the entire school year.

• Maintain open, honest and frequent communication with the representatives from your partner school.

• Attend scheduled Bright Futures Council/partner meetings at least quarterly.

• Work as a team with the other partners at your school to fulfill the school’s needs.

• Seek to understand and to encourage life-long learning and promote education.

• Seek support when you need help in achieving our shared outcomes.

• Align your efforts with the core values and beliefs of the Bright Futures Initiative.


I, the undersigned, agree to support the work of Bright Futures Joplin and promise to uphold the core principals of the organization while doing my part to make a difference in the lives of our children.

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