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Hotspot Request Form

School staff may use this form to request an internet hotspot for a student in need. Principal approvals are required. Enrollment in free/reduced lunch program is required, except in the case of extenuating circumstances, which must be explained in full. Bus riders will take precedence, as other students may be able to stay on campus after school hours in order to utilize district wifi for homework purposes. Students granted the use of a district hotspot will be checked quarterly to see if they're maintaining all Ds or higher in all classes, except in the case of extenuating circumstances, which must be explained in full and approved by an administrator. Students who do not return the hotspot unit and/or charging cord will be charged a restocking fee of $90 and $25 respectively. If an approved hotspot is no longer needed, or the student moves out of district, the unit and its component parts must be returned immediately. The district has a very limited supply of hotspots, so only the most extreme needs should be considered for approval.


Thank you for submitting a Hotspot Request. Your building principal will be contacted for approval, and the request will pass through an internal audit to ensure the district's limited resources are put to use in the most responsible way. If there are further questions about the student's eligibility, you will be contacted shortly. If your request is approved, you may be asked to check on the status of your student's grades or ongoing need to verify the hotspot is being used by those most in need. Thank you for taking care of Joplin students!

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