Background Check Registry Instructions

Screened Volunteers are required by Missouri State Law to submit to background checks through (1) an FBI fingerprint screening and (2) registration on the Family Care Safety Registry (FCSR).

Before beginning the screening process, volunteer candidates must submit an online application to volunteer with Bright Futures Joplin.

When confirmation of your application has been sent to you via email, please complete the following steps to begin your background check screenings.
1. Contact Atlas Background, who supports the mission of Bright Futures Joplin by providing this service on a non-profit basis. They can be reached during normal business hours at 417-206-2228.

2. Follow their instructions to set up a screening appointment at their office: 2601 E. Fourth St., Joplin.

3. At the screening appointment, you must bring a screen shot or copy of this instruction sheet, your SSN, and an email address. For volunteers who will be working in TREK or Lunch PALS programs, Bright Futures Joplin will pay for an FBI fingerprint screening ($41.75) and registry with the Family Care Safety Registry ($15.25) for a total of $57.00. If you wish to pay for these screenings yourself, please bring a credit or debit card.

4. Once your screening is complete, you will receive written notification each time Bright Futures Joplin requests information about your background screening. This will happen annually, for as long as you continue in your volunteer capacity, at no additional cost to you. When your screening is completed, you will be contacted by Bright Futures Joplin about how to begin volunteering as a TREK tutor or Lunch PALS mentor in Joplin Schools.

Notes: FCSR registration lasts a lifetime, and the registrant must contact the FCSR with changes to name or contact information. If you are unable to register with the FCSR online, you can do so by paper through the following process: Mail a Worker Registration Form, a photocopy of your Social Security card, and a check or money order for $14.00 to the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services, Fee Receipts Unit, P.O. Box 570, Jefferson City, MO, 65102. 

Joplin Schools and Bright Futures Joplin will not keep background checks or personal records beyond clearance dates. If your background screenings return any prohibitive findings, you will be notified.