What We Believe

Boy with apple

At Bright Futures Joplin, we believe... 
 in the inherent worth of every child and in every individual’s ability to make a difference.
 that every child’s basic needs must be met in order for that child to be able to learn effectively. 
 that diversity should be celebrated. 
 in the sanctity of the family unit and that we must seek ways to help families in their efforts to parent their children. 
 every community has the resources to meet the needs of every child. These resources simply must be brought together. 
 in being honest with all involved about realities and possibilities. 
 high expectations produce higher levels of success. 
 honesty and integrity are key to maintaining purity of Mission. 
 all of us are better together than any one of us alone. 
The objectives of Bright Futures Joplin include...
 Creating and maintaining a rapid response system to meet any child’s basic needs within 24 hours. 
 Identifying and aligning resources to address the broad needs of our school community. 
 Developing leadership capacity to support the ongoing efforts to support the education of our children. 
 Creating opportunities for our children to give back through service learning to foster the ideals of interdependence and service before self.